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On- line support

Do you have questions that you would like answered face to face, but unable to come to my office?  Let's plan a video session.  

Natural Family Planning - an ovulation method.

Natural Family Planning is about preparing for a family through understanding the anatomy of both mother and father.  It is learning the physical signs that helps mother know her actual fertile days during her cycle.  It is understanding variations to what is normal.  This method is a way to get pregnant and a way to avoid pregnancy.  It helps parents to responsibly make family decisions without harming mother, father or baby.  It is also a way to heal from choices that have interrupted the natural hormonal flow of the body.

Lotus Birth Information

This is a natural process of keeping the placenta connected to baby until baby lets the cord go. There is the belief that the placenta still has wisdom to impart while connected to baby. Those who practice lotus birth, put herbs on the placenta and keep it in a special bowl or basket during the special time after birth. 

Spinning Babies Information

Spinning Babies is a support service in regards to helping baby turn to its optimal birthing position using  positioning or a rebozo. Rebozo is a special fabric, respected and used to help mom labor and to aid baby in turning to its optimal birthing position.

Belly Mapping

Belly mapping is learning to feel where baby is kicking and determining its position in mom’s belly.  Some people draw the fetus position on the belly.

Pregnancy Nutritional Guidance

Pregnancy nutrition guidance is based upon the Brewer’s Foundational Diet and upon experience.

Breastfeeding Helps

Breastfeeding helps are supported with LLL information, Breastfeeding America information and experience.

Postpartum Support

Postpartum support is "being" with mom when necessary after birth. It also includes the processing of trauma.   Let me know if you'd like after birth home care or if you'd like to talk about your birth.  In Touch and In Tune  has taken classes to help process various experiences.  One of the classes is called, RISE UP Method of Postpartum Stress Relief.

Waterbirth Information

Those who have a water birth speak highly about its relaxation benefits during labor.  Sharon's studies about waterbirth include webinars with Gloria Lemay and Barbara Harper.  She has observed several mothers birthing or laboring in water.

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