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In Touch and In Tune is first of all a traditional midwifery service.  As you get to know me, you will learn of the wisdom I have gained over the years which I would love to impart to you if you are interested.

It is a service for pregnant or soon to be pregnant mothers and their significant others.  The woman helps the labor process when she recognizes her need for being open and being healed from past trauma, prior to her baby’s birth. Maternal wisdom access will be important so the newborn can enter this world in the most relaxed and peaceful atmosphere possible.  
With the societal fears and prevalent birth myths, can this be possible? Society says that birth is a painful and scary endeavor. However, there are women birthing babies who say they experience birth in a painless, and sometimes ecstatic, and non-traumatic way. The birth experience, will generally be equivalent to the amount of work put into preparing for it, especially emotionally.

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