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Topics and powerpoint presentations are available. Birth classes can be adapted to parental desires. The birth classes can be for as many classes as desired and as intense and detailed as the couple wants (from 1 to 8 classes in the current format). Call to arrange your birth class. Think about the hospital presentations as an initiation to birth classes.  These classes have the potential to empower parents to know their options, and prepare them for postpartum. There is a fee for a presentation.


The Physiology of Natural Birth

Bonding:  the Value of Touch and Kangaroo Care

Birth Options:  There are more than you know.

Nutrition: In preparation for Conception, Pregnancy and More

Building up your Immune System through nutrition

Hydration:  How do you know your body has enough water?

Heart sounds during pregnancy - what is the safest way to listen?

Hormonal Balance - Can you heal from an imbalance?

Lactation support

Muscle Testing

Lotus Birth

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