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For people and animals

Body Talk is about personal relationships and communication between all the body parts that are necessary for empowering healthy living. It is a system of preventative health maintenance and a system of first aid for some conditions. Body Talk is being used internationally in schools, work environments, home environments and among indigenous people throughout the world. It helps people function at their highest potential. It requires conscious and subconscious permissions.  Tapping is one of the tools used to promote the health of the body, mind spirit and consciousness. This is for anyone at any age.  It is beneficial for mommies and baby's in preparation for birth as well.

Emotion Code is a process of determining what emotions of a person's life, have been held in the body without complete processing, thus causing stress or disease.  When the held emotions are released, the person's body has a better opportunity to heal itself.

Education for personal health care and personal wellbeing with confidence.

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