A doula is someone trained in giving continuous emotional and physical support throughout labor. Midwives, physicians, and nurses are hard-pressed to give the kind of attention typically required to support women continuously during labor. Studies have found that women with labor support have shorter labors and much less need for pain medication, intravenous oxytocin augmentation, forceps, vacuum extraction, and cesarean section than women without this care. As a hired doula, I will provide at least 3 classes prior to 37 weeks, support during labor, including a couple of hours after birth, at the hospital if permitted, and 3 follow up appointments per family schedule and need.

A Midwife is a person who assists women in childbirth.  The midwife develops a relationship with the mother and her partner.  She educates the clients about the natural process of birth, the need for eating lots of protein, veggies and foods to support the mother's and baby's system.  She teaches ways that help mother become in tune with herself and her baby so she can become empowered during her labor and birth process in a way that she trusts her own wisdom as well as her baby's.  In trusting circumstances, baby will be birthed by the natural birthing reflex when mother's body, intuitively, with baby's guidance, is ready.