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I am a Midwife who is knowledgeable in the ways of birth.  I aim to hold space for the mother and baby for an undisturbed birth.  In relationship with the mother, experiences for grounding, visualizing, breathing, candle lighting and more, will aid in exploring the inner work needed prior to labor and birth.  Topics about the natural process of birth, eating lots of protein, veggies and foods to support the mother's and baby's system as well as the physiology of birth, will be discussed.  Ways to be in tune with herself and her baby can be empowering during mom's pregnancy,  labor and birth.   Tuning into herself and her baby  helps develop trust in the birth process.  In trusting circumstances, baby will be birthed by the natural birthing reflex when mother's body, intuitively, with baby's guidance, is ready.

If the midwife service is not just right for the two of us, then there is also the option of hiring me as your doula.  



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