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EC - emotion releases

connect a pain to an unprocessed emotion and release


Supplement and nutrition discussion

Learn to determine which foods and supplements are just right for your body.


Combined Services of Doula, and HypnoBirth Education

total of 12 meet times: 5 classes +3 before labor sessions + Labor + 3 PP checkups


Dedicated Doula Service

3 -5 educational meetings before Labor and birth + 3-5 postpartum check ups


HypnoBirth Education the Mongan Way

5- 2 1/2 hours of class, minimally. In person classes can be really fun.

$350.00, 1 couple, $275 for 2 couples, $250 for 3 couples, $225 for 4 couples, $200 for 5 couples

Body Talk

A way to balance the brain with a person's heart using muscle testing.


Midwifery services from a trainee with a preceptor

Plan regular prenatal appointments, labor and an amazing birth, and postpartum visits


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