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Patrick G of Kansas City, BT and Gut health review:  I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much better I feel.  You have helped me to listen to my body and understand what Muscle Response Testing is all about.  Through your patient coaching, I am quite confident in testing myself to determine what is beneficial for my body.  Surprisingly, the side benefit has been a 20+ pound weight loss.  

It is amazing what happens when you listen to your body and focus on what your body needs to function properly.  Keep up the good work!









Simone of Racine, WI - Lotus Birth  - I would love to give thanks to my midwife Sharon. She was very helpful and insightful.  I learned sooo much more about home birth and even the hypnobirthing process was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I had my first successful home birth.  It was beautiful and a very special experience for me.  Sharon was a huge part of me becoming more confident in myself in  knowing I can do it.  I will forever be grateful for her.  I confirm I also had a Lotus Birth.  

lotus birth placenta
proud mommy after birth


Becky's birth story: 

 I had a great labor and birth with Cecelia Marie. I labored at home while working all day but didn't really think I was actually in labor. My surges felt like period cramps and were only in my lower abdomen. At  3:30 I realized they were getting stronger but still only felt them low. I wasn't feeling anything that moved across my entire belly so I wasn't convinced I was actually in labor yet. I called my Dr.'s office to ask and my doctor wasn't in the office so I talked to a nurse who told me they were probably Braxton hicks and that she would let my doctor know to call me.


  I called Nate and told him that I think I might be in labor and that he should pick up Bailey and come home right away. I started diffusing lavender, put on my TENS unit, laid down listening to my hypnobirthing tracks, and relaxed until he came home.  It was about 4:30 and the doctor still hadn't called. I called again and it was after hours and no one was answering the after hours line.  We spent some time getting our hospital stuff ready and about 5:30 I called the hospital since my doctor still hadn't called.  They called my doctor and she called me back. I had a surge while on the phone and breathed through it and I told her I thought they were about 5 to 8 minutes apart so she said we still had some time but then I had another one and she said, "well that wasn't 8 minutes, that was closer 3 so you should probably come in soon."


So we finished getting our things together said good bye to Bailey and called my mom to come in since she would be staying at our house with Bailey while we were in the hospital. We left and my surges seemed to get stronger and closer together while we were driving there. At this point I was feeling them through my hips. We got to the hospital about 6:30 and a nurse brought me a wheel chair and brought us up to labor and delivery. When we got there we checked in and waited while they got our room ready.


We got into the room and the nurse gave me a gown and a monitor belt to put on. We gave them our birth plan and she asked if she could check to see how progressed I was and that she thinks it might be moving pretty quickly. I was 5cm dilated and she said my doctor wasn't there yet so she was going to bring in another doctor and have them get ready for delivery.  I was having pretty strong surges and asked if I could use the tub. They got the tub ready and I got in.  It definitely helped. Nate brought me some fruit ice chips I had made and I started feeling nauseous and spit them out. The nurses told me if I start to feel pushy I needed to get out of the tub. They left to go call my Dr. to find out where she was at.


 I started feeling like I couldn't handle it anymore and then I had this crazy pressure in my bottom and yelled to Nate that I felt like I was pooping. He ran out to tell the nurses and they came back and helped me out of the tub. I moved to leaning on the bed and the nurses asked me to get on the bed. So they made the bed upright and I climbed up and kneeled while leaning over the back. My doctor came in a few minutes later and I had about 4 more surges and then Cecelia was born at 7:20.  Nate received her and I  was able to flip over right away to hold her and then my placenta was birthed. Cece latched and started nursing like a champ.


Everything went so fast. I definitely felt pain but breathing through all of it and visualizing really helped.  Hypnobirth Education (R) definitely helped give me the labor and birthing experience I planned for. 


Kia’s Review:  (Birth)I highly recommend In touch and In tune's Doula services. With Sharon's constant encouragement and support I was able to mentally prepare for and successfully have a VBA2C (Vaginal Birth after 2 c-sections). Labor started off intense from the start and as soon as I called Sharon she arrived at my home within 15 minutes, ready to offer her services like we practiced. I could not have made the hour long excruciating ride to the hospital with out her physical and emotional support along with positive affirmations. My husband and mother were frantic when looking at how quickly and intense the contractions were coming. Sharon was able to keep my mom from calling the ambulance and my husband's focused on the road and traffic while driving in rush hour traffic. LOL. Things moved quickly at the hospital and Sharon was there to remind me of my birth plan and what was important to me. She providing natural pain relief methods in the form of massage and pressure point touch, water therapy, positioning, breathing and rebozo techniques. She encouraged my husband to support me in the most difficult transitioning phase. She was also able to communicate with the hospital staff and advocate for my needs and wants when I was in too much pain to talk. After all was said and done I had a beautiful baby boy and Sharon's support postpartum to make sure he got all the skin to skin and mommy time he needed. She stressed the importance to me and my husband of the need to solely focus on my health and baby's health for a full 6 weeks. Sharon offered emotional support allowing me to vent and express my feelings about my birth experience. She also gave practical support and home remedy ideas to help with healing. I couldn't even keep her from cleaning if i tried. Long story short lol Sharon is amazing not only as my Doula but now as a life long friend.


TJ's review:  (Body Talk)Body Talk is a holistic approach to healing, using principles of energy medicine.  It helps to bring together and stabilize all of the body's natural functions -- to achieve and maintain healing and growth on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  When Sharon applies her skills, asking silent questions and receiving silent answers, and tapping through different barriers to wholeness, I feel completely trusting and at ease, and the end result leaves me feeling calm and refreshed.  The process continues to work, even after the session is over, and I know healing within is taking place.  It's an amazing process, and I would highly recommend giving it a try.  It is non-invasive, and Sharon is confident and up lifting.


JS's review (Body Talk)  I recently had my 1st body talk session with Sharon.  I was a bit skeptical at first but I kept an open mind.  As Sharon worked I felt things change within me.  She asked me a few questions and I was amazed at the answers that came out.  At the end of our session I felt much more confident and sure of myself.  I was amazed, excited and looking forward to my next session.  Thank you for changing my life.


Faye's review  (Body Talk) I wanted to tell you that I feel really good after the session, I feel physically and emotionally really good!

Joy wrote: "I am just so happy. My heart wall is down. Sharon Tenuta has been a huge help and inspiration to me. I feel like a new woman I feel healthy, happy and whole. Thank you again Sharon"

"Now I am 2 years after I wrote this post. The 2nd year anniversary made a huge change in my life. My grief therapy and the heart wall healing with Sharon Tenuta made an impact they will never know. I'm really feeling like I came out the other side and I'm really feeling that Jim was right. It's going to be OK. thank you all for being part of my OK".


Anne writes:   Sharon is caring and compassionate as well as very knowledgeable. I learned so much and feel empowered to make decisions regarding my health care. She is a great teacher.

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