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  • Sharon Tenuta

Who has a wow birth story to share?

I hear this story is well done. It will come out early 2018.

Birth has populated the earth. People from all walks of the continents have grown cultures of intelligent persons. How did this happen? There were no doctors or hospitals until the 1600's and then it was not until the middle 1800's that the hospitals began to be used for birthing. In the 1900's, birth became etherized and mom's did not even remember the births of their children. When money and insurance companies became involved in paying for birth, rules and stipulations began to dictate which babies were allowed to be born vaginally in a hospital. More women in the world are cut in the abdomen because of cesarean sections for various reasons, including breech births and slow to progress and hospital protocols and fear. Let's do something to change this. How about contemplating the question: What would happen if a baby needed to be born and no one was around except the mother? What would that birth look like?

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