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  • Sharon Tenuta


Do you have intuition? Do you use your intuition? Mommies would benefit if they got in touch and in tune with their own intuition, especially when pregnant. This could provide some special baby, mother communication to take place. One story I heard about a mommy using her intuition was after the cord of her baby was cut. The baby just cried and cried. Finally, the mother told everyone to leave the room and she asked the baby what he wanted. The baby communicated that it wanted to be in water. Once in a little tub of water the baby was happy. Have you experienced your baby communicating with you? What if babies try to communicate and we just do not listen.

There are other stories of babies observing their birth rooms and describing them later in life. Let’s explore this possibility. What if each one of us really chose to be born, and that memory has temporarily been taken away. What if we treated each baby as a smart individual right away after birth. Would that empower confidence and wisdom for our world in a better way?

I think it would. I think it could help heal the traumas many of us have experienced. I do believe it would increase the trust that we have in each other, because, we would treat the baby and each other in a more trusting way immediately during and after birth.

People who use intuition, have explained that the intuition is often more accurate than any scientific guess work. And remember, science research itself, must always begin with a hunch, a bit of intuition itself.

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