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  • Sharon Tenuta

Ultrasound, dopplers and trains


Ultrasound, Doppler and 3D images of your baby. We take for granted that these technologies are safe to use on the fetus growing inside mother. Where is the proof? Do we use these just because everybody else are ok with these? Did you know that the female ovaries are formed in utero during the life inside mother? Did you know that neurons die when left exposed to heat and energy that raises the temperature of cells? If an ultrasound probe remains in one spot, the area can rise 6 degrees Celsius. A fetus should not have its temperature raise more than .5 degrees Celsius above its normal temperature. The developing embryo and fetal brain is exceeded irreversible damage when the temperature increases 4 degrees Celsius that is maintained for 5 min.

Has research been able to tell us ultrasound is safe? No. There has been no research since the ultrasound limits have been raised. The research done, was compiled before 1996. Since then the usage has been more often. Then strength of the ultrasound energy has been stronger, as we have developed being able to see our babies even in color. We are even able to buy our own home dopplers to use at our leisure. Some descriptions of the sound has been compared to a baby hearing a train coming as the high pitched Doppler travels through the amniotic fluid. Since that time, there are more genital and urinary tract defects per March of Dimes. There are more left handed children. There is much more autism and neuromuscular challenges. Wouldn’t it be terrible to think we could have caused such damage by trusting in technology more than in the fact that we have been remarkably made? We could not have inhabited the earth as we do, had we not been so incredibly designed. Wouldn’t it be horrible if the female girls had damaged eggs and we won’t know that until they are old enough to conceive. Already we have young men with low sperm counts.

I call any pregnant mother to be cautious about using the ultrasound technology, be it 3D or 4D images, or checking the heartbeat, or allowing your chosen practitioner to have unlimited doppler access to your fetus. You are the parent. You are responsible for your child’s health. Don’t be afraid to take a stand.


Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Dr. Sarah Buckley

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