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  • Sharon Tenuta


Updated: Aug 30, 2023


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flower is sign of hope

What do you wish for? What has given you discouragement and what has given you a will to look forward and not give in to pressure or disappointment? Some give this the word – HOPE. A few definitions of the word are such that it is a feeling of expectation for a certain thing to happen, it is a feeling of trust, and as a verb, it is wanting something to happen as an optimistic state of mind, with positive outcomes, with confidence.(Wikipedia and Oxford dictionary)

Hope brings a person to choose to be well, to desire others’ to be healed, or harmonized with the world, and to trust that which is best for a state of awareness, and health and spirituality. It is coming gradually through the process of life and making good choices. Respecting self, and trusting our innate wisdom, is possible for all, but not embraced by all.

In school, we were taught the science and hands on proofs, of what we can see, hear, and experience. We were not encouraged to observe the experiences of our innate, of the things we can not see, unless we had some religious or meditation training. Then, some of us may have embraced that fact that there are beings that exist, that we are unable to see, yet that are accessible to us if we acknowledge and believe and ask for help or guidance. When a person has the experience of other beings available to help us in this life, that does give hope. When we find a way to progress in our healing journey or process our past traumas and baggage, that gives hope.

There are many modalities that help the person become whole. I name only a few: chiropractic, acupressure, acupuncture, body talk, emotion code, body code, hypnotherapy, essential oils, nutritional foods, tapping, meditation, massage, prayer, brushing and many more. May you find the perfect modality to give you hope in your life’s journey.

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