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  • Sharon Tenuta

A Nurturing Birth Environment


S. Tenuta


wix picture of mother in nature
Pregnant Mom in nature

Oh no!  I am pregnant.  What can I do?  I did not expect to get pregnant now.  What are my options?  Oh yes, people say to get an abortion if I don’t want this pregnancy.  That is talking as if a pregnancy is a thing.  I believe pregnancy is the event of carrying a person, not a thing.  The thing could be a person, but a person is so much more than a thing.  The person would be recognized as a being that already exists, though, it is so small in the beginning, that it is difficult to see. That could cause people to think it is not a person.  However, if a person has studied prenatal psychology, people come to realize there are people who have a powerful memory that helped shape them even before birth.  The pregnancy is a time for the physical body to form, but the conscious part of the person seems to already be present.

If a person truly believes the conception event is the beginning of a person, then it would seem people would be gentle and loving to themselves and their special event, and special consciousness that is dwelling inside the mother.  There are people who invite a new baby to arrive at a special conception time.  But there are others who act in a way that they could conceive, but without the conscious invitation.  It is as if they have no full understanding of the awesome act that can bring a conscious being to this earth through their actions.  They are creators.  Conscious creators, open to receiving souls that want to come to this planet earth, surely would prepare themselves to take the adventure with the conceived child. 

The adventure would start at conception, and go forward from birth until death.

The adventure would be a way to consciously choose to go with the flow of pregnancy.  It would also be a time to make choices that are best for mother and for baby.  It is a time to choose good foods, sleep, exercise, and activities that help the mother connect with baby.  Even dad can connect with baby and let baby know how excited they are about this new life that is growing inside mother.  Baby takes on all of mother’s emotions, so the mother is wise to let baby know what is happening to her.  If there is an unpredictable emotion that mother is experiencing, it is wise to let baby know, how she is working through a challenge, but it has nothing to do with baby. (if it does not).  Baby can trust that mother is doing all she knows to care for baby.  If the emotion has to do with struggling to accept this pregnancy, then it is wise to let baby know that mother is struggling emotionally.  Even though mother is struggling, she wants baby to know it is special, and to request time to work through her emotions.  Ask baby to not be afraid, but to keep growing.  It would be heart-warming to want baby to be in a safe environment where baby can grow into a healthy human being.

Once mother is in full acceptance of her pregnancy, she and baby can journey together, consciously, communicating to each other in their special ways.  Baby kicks, mother feels, or dreams or imagines togetherness with this new human being.  Mother takes care to talk with baby, to sleep enough, to nourish herself and baby and to exercise regularly.  She checks in with herself to see what her body and baby needs.  This can look like many different modalities and activities, or it could look to be calm, peaceful and restful, depending upon the needs of both mother and baby.  It could also look like the more medicalized route, if these are the needs of mother and baby.  The route that seems most in tune with mother’s needs and with baby’s needs would be the perfect pregnancy road to take.

Some suggested ideas for a nurturing pregnancy route are such as: drinking herbal teas, (the ones that are safe for mom’s pregnancy, not all herbs support pregnancy), going to the chiropractor, getting a massage, acupuncture treatment, Body Talk care, homeopathy, Balancing the body to numbers or eliminating electromagnetic fields inside the home environment in the best way possible.  Gardening and choosing foods that are good for a person to eat, drinking smoothies with foods that the person’s body wants, singing, playing instruments, socializing with other mothers, attending birth classes, reading books to inform and support a person’s best health choices.  Stretching and exercising, drawing, dancing, visualizing, and saying words that affirm the type of birth that is personally empowering.

Birth is the process of mother going through a door to her refined self. This is a way to walk through fire, to trust in the body, to trust in the process of birth, to trust in baby’s journey here.  Mother may want to choose and imagine all that she wishes for birth, but this may not actually be what happens when the time arrives.  This nurturing birth is one that mother puts forth all her best efforts to tune into herself and baby.  It is the becoming aware, and yet open to baby having a say in how to come to earth through her body’s muscles and tissues.  It is giving baby the time it needs to come and yet, encouraging baby to arrive at the perfect time.  The nurturing part trusts baby’s efforts to get here as well.  This means mother does not control everything.  In a way, she must also surrender to the events of labor and birth.  She must let go of her pre-conceptions, she must just let the process proceed without interfering. 

This is a process that is not necessarily encouraged in our culture.  We learn to follow rules and to set goals and to be disappointed if things don’t go the way we want.  This is not the way to have a nurturing birth.  Trust in the process, trust in self, trust in baby.  Be grateful and enjoy the surrendering ride of pregnancy, labor and birth.  When baby arrives, welcome baby by gazing into baby’s eyes, by touching, and listening to its story as it cries or tries to explain what happened along the journey to earth side.  If mother and dad are in tune with this baby,  if they listen to its journey, and if they welcome baby in their special ways, then they will have allowed for or created the perfect nurturing birth environment.

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