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  • Sharon Tenuta

Balancing Mom to Baby and Vice Versa

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


S. Tenuta

A pregnant mother’s body is making lots of adjustments to provide for a welcoming environment that allows baby to thrive. What if there has been a trauma or mom just does not feel connected to her baby? Is there a way to help navigate balance and connection?

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There are actually many ways provided to us in nature and personal experiences. However, there is not one magical way for everyone. Here are a few possible ways to find that connection.

1. Mom, believe baby is a conscious human being. Talk to baby. Your baby does take on all your emotions unless you let baby know that certain emotions are not for baby. Emotions are a way for mom to know she has some experience to process. Let baby know that he/she is safe and to not take on the emotion for itself.

2. Meditation is a way to calm mom’s nervous system and to refocus on self and baby. It is a way to contemplate what is important and to re-prioritize.

3. Prayer is a type of meditation, so if you pray, keep that as your r

egular routine. It helps to know you are not alone, and to have hope.

4. Exercise gently, to keep muscles, fluids, and mind working and alert. The body’s metabolism slows during pregnancy, so movement is beneficial for moving foods and toxins though the system, to release that which is not needed.

5. Energy work helps connect mother and baby. Anytime mother has had a surgery, trauma or scar, these cause places in the body to block energetic movement, blood flow, lymph movement or nerve impulses. To open up these blocked areas, there are energ

y works available: acupuncture, body talk, balance by numbers, tapping, breathing techniques and more.

6. Music of a soothing nature or of harmonious sounds can help balance mother and baby. The together experience and sounds may be remembered by baby. Play that music after baby is born to see if baby recognizes the tunes.

7. Naps can calm both mom and baby to spend quiet time together.

8. Take a walk in nature. Listen to those sounds. Observe the beauty.

9. Visualize your favorite moments in life and let the oxytocin of good memories flow through your body.

10. Create – artwork, poetry, songs, sew, construct, bake, write.

You may think of other opportunities that will connect you and your baby.

My experience has shown me that Body Talk, a certification that I have, has been shown to effectively and positively bring a tangled umbilical cord to untangle and to have a baby turn to vertex and has had twins who were tangled in-utero, untangle in time to not be born by cesarean-section. Body talk has potential to help mother resolve incompletely processed emotions, so she is open to allowing her baby to be born without the previous tension.

I invite you to contact me if you would like to experience such possible connections. This is not just for birth, but it does benefit a pregnant or laboring mother. It also benefits a person of any age. Contact


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