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  • Sharon Tenuta

Birth Control Reflections

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

The heart is central to conceiving with freedom.

Birth control – def. - the practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies, especially by use of contraception.

Conception is the cooperation of 3: Man, Woman and Creator. Man – provides sperm, Woman provides Ovaries. Creator provides the breath of life.

Stat’s – world is currently at a 2 babies per woman. This is not enough to maintain an economically healthy society. (Family of the Americas,

Babies are gift – We are cooperators in creating.

Someone is making money off of those who use conception pills or devices.

Birth control – mostly has some negative side effects for the woman’s health.

Methods – IUD’s, pill, patches, spermicides, condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, douches, suppositories all are either artificial means of birth control or kill or impede the sperm. This is tampering with the male seed….= to murder. This interferes with God’s will….trusting in our Creator’s will. (

Pro’s – we are in control. Some methods of birth control help people gain hormonal health and that is ok use of the pill.

Con’s – there are long term health risks.

-changes the woman’s levels of estrogen and progesterone which can cause thyroid issues, a depletion of nutrient absorption. Women’s testosterone levels drop 61% when on the Birth Control Pills (BPC). It can also decrease libido and when the woman comes off the pill, there are still hormone binding globulins that do not lower for a long time, leaving a metabolic, sexual and mental health consequence)

-the natural hormonal production and balance system is turned off when other chemicals are being added to the body. This will cause insulin resistance if you eat lots of carbs. Sleep problems may begin or persist as the serotonin levels shut down.

-The hormonal system that regulates the body receives messages that there are high levels of estrogens and progesterone throughout the woman’s cycle. The body will try to correct the unbalance by shutting off production of the natural estrogens and progesterone.

-the pill can cause the ovaries of immature eggs to shrink by 29-52%. This indicates that the synthetic hormones have an aging effect on the ovaries.

-The pill can interfere with the body’s methylation process..leaving a person edgy all day.

-The pill helps trigger PCOS – a disease that is triggered by insulin resistance. (Dr. Alan)

-The pill keeps the woman’s estrogen level high all month. This can overload the liver, causing it to not detoxify the bloodstream.

-Estrogen levels cause the binding of thyroid hormones, making them less available to the body and thyroid. The estrogen dominance has been shown to increase cancer and thyroid nodules. ( ( (

Health concerns for the long term –



-Cancer (an increase from 29%-144% depending upon age)

-Weight gain


-Nutrient deficiencies

-Gut issues

-Candida – yeast growth

-Liver overload

-lower muscle gain from exercise

-Higher risk of stroke and heart disease – buildup of plaque in veins and arteries.

-reduced bone density

-changes to immunity – or trigger autoimmune diseases

-Epileptic seizures

-gum disease


Suggestions for good health –

-Use hormone free birth control methods – Paragard IUD does not use chemicals.

-Natural methods use:

Basal Temperature method

Digital oral thermometers

Digital ear thermometers

Wearable bracelets and sensors

Ovulation calendar –

Sympto-Thermal Fertility Method

Urine Samples

Saliva Samples

Singer – workbook

Marquette Natural Family Planning uses:

Calendar method

Basal Temperature

Ovulation method (understanding the cervical mucus signs)

Sympto-thermal method

+ recommends the Clearblue fertility monitor

For the sustenance of society – for the increase of love – for the increased trust in a couple.

For increased understanding of the awesome abilities of our bodies to create in love.

by S. Tenuta

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