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  • Sharon Tenuta

Birth is not to be Feared

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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Life does carry surprises, yes. However, for a healthy, well nourished mother, without fear, birth can be another life experience. It can take a woman into the depths of her soul. It can bring to a woman the wisdom of her intuitive being. Birth can take mother on the journey of twists and turns, in her mind and in her body. Birth can bring doubt, but also empowerment. Birth can be a silent visitor that brings visions of baby’s hope, visions of stories past and visions of encouragement, as well as visions of submission to process as experienced by the life giving women goddesses all throughout human history.

Dr. Grantly Read noticed women birthing without fear, and quickly, in places he would have thought impossible. He wrote a book called, “Childbirth Without Fear”. A woman, named Marie Mongan, embraced this philosophy and birthed her children in such a way that caused her to reflect and then to teach HypnoBirth the Mongan Way ®. The birth classes include how Fear, Tension and Pain weave into a labor, those things that make birth traumatic, tense and next to impossible to experience naturally.

So, the opposite is also true. With understanding the physiological process of birth, Fear is kept at bay. Tension is released and pain is tolerable or redirected. Hormones, understood in the natural physiology of pregnancy and birth, totally grant mother the positive aids needed for this natural, empowering birth, if no chemical interventions are introduced during labor.

With this information at hand, if you are pregnant or know someone who could benefit from such information, pass on the following information and contact the author of this article. See Send an email to

Reach out to learn more or to set up classes that could benefit your situation.

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