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  • Sharon Tenuta

Recognize It to Fix It

A screw driver, wrenches and socket wrench laid out in a messy pile on top of each other.

I have lots of information in my being. When I get to know myself, I have more information. When I pay attention to the signs and signals of my body, I can determine what needs my attention. When I give attention to the proper parts that want my attention, then, I am in tune with my being.

For example, my stomach may be churning. I notice and decide if I am hungry or if I have an upset stomach. I have a runny nose and determine whether I have a cold, asthma or an allergic reaction. My eyes are watering and I determine whether I have an eye problem, or an allergy or an emotional reaction of joy or sadness. Of course, there are many examples, and you can determine your own signs that your body gives you. It is important to pay attention to the signs. Don’t just cover up the signs. Get to know what they are bringing to your attention. Then determine why these symptoms or signs might be brought to your attention. What needs to be noticed or changed?

An eye doctor from Taiwan noticed, through study and observation, that myopia which is increasing immensely worldwide, can be avoided or prevented or stalled if children when young have about 2 hours a day spent outside. He observed a study done in Australia and he did one himself in Taiwan. This eye myopia study was done before COVID outbreak and restrictions. The story was released in the Wired magazine Nov. 2023.

With wars going on, In Ukraine, our inner cities, Gaza strip, and more places, what is being brought to our attention? Bruce Lipton, made a you tube video that highlights our need to recognize we are all hurting inside and need to heal. We must notice that there is war because we are training our children to be war like. By the age of 7, we are highly programmed and influence on how to think. If we take a step back and notice our dilemma, we could fix our situation. We could easily get to know our neighbor, personally, and then participate in groups that encourage positive interaction. If we get to know people, we most likely will not want to fight with them.

Some work that I have come to love offering and learning about is called Body Talk. It is a work that notices what our innate wisdom wants to bring to our attention. By doing so, formulas are created that help the mind, body, spirit, consciousness complex determine what wants to balance so that the body can function more efficiently. Our bodies are intricately designed. If we have symptoms that we notice, and we decide to cover them up with a type of medication, then we will not be able to eliminate our body challenges. If we determine that the symptom has a root cause in our emotions or an event of the past, or in our belief system, then we can balance that which was brought to our attention, so our body has a greater chance of balancing and possibly healing.

Just knowing a healing modality other than Western Medicine is not a guarantee that a person will not get sick or have challenges. Life is a chance to experience. I recently had a reflection that our creator who is all, can experience part of all through our experiences of pain, suffering, joy, and all the emotions a person experiences. Without us experiencing life, our creator would not be so able to differentiate these emotions. Wow. Right or wrong, what a thought. Sometimes I think of Creator as this big ocean or ball. Each person is one cell of that big ocean or ball. Gratefully, we don’t have to feel all the emotions at one time, as maybe our creator does.

What do you notice? What is brought to your attention? What do you want to fix in your body or your life? Maybe you will make the next beneficial observation for humanity to embrace. Have fun noticing.

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