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Breastfeeding Benefits

mother gazing at child
mother feeding child

Breastfeeding benefits both mother and baby. Is the word getting out there for our new mommies?  Breastfeeding is best if mom is physiologically able to do so.  Why is that?  Here are ideas to reflect upon.

First of all, the body is an amazing group of cells working together to keep us alive and then when we have a baby, it is in the hormonal condition to create food for our babies that is perfect for the baby.  Each baby is unique.  Each pregnancy is unique.  No mommy’s milk is the exact same.  The mother’s body knows how to adjust to keep baby warm on the chest, and it also knows just the right amounts of vitamins and minerals and protein needed for the baby at every stage of development.


Secondly, the milk is available whenever the baby is hungry if baby is with its mother and the mother is willing to breastfeed on demand.  With every suckle, signals are sent to mom’s pituitary gland, which activates the oxytocin hormones and prolactin hormones.  These regulate just perfectly, what flavor, how much protein, and just the right amounts of immunoglobulins needed for baby to be healthy.  The milk not only supplies nourishment, but also immune support.  As long as mom breastfeeds her children, the child is able to have milk that keeps the immune system strong and able to fight off diseases, and viruses.


Thirdly, there is no cost to this golden food.  It is always available, there are no bottles to clean up, (unless you pump in order to work and feed), and that way there is no extra landfill pollutants from the formula containers and needs.  This makes it the easiest and cheapest way to care for an infant with the highest probability of the baby being healthy.


The least talked about advantage for breastfeeding is that this is special time provided for both mom and baby to bond intimately.  The hugs and holds are soothing for the baby.  This intimate bonding creates a confidence in the child, who learns to trust its mother in a way that is not present for other ways of feeding.  Trust in our parents brings about trust in other parts of life.  This imprint of mom caring for baby is carried in the brain, consciousness and muscle memories.  These imprints have been noted through counselor stories, hypnosis, and energy works. 


Let’s think of other reasons why breastfeeding is a great gift for parents and for children, and thus for society.  Let’s share with more people the benefits I shared.  Of course,

I only touched the tip of the iceberg for this topic.  Keep reflecting and may you have a blessed experience with breastfeeding.


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