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Communication Links Open Up with Body Talk Session

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

By S. Tenuta 1-23-23

baby doll with phone
picture of baby doll with phone

By communicating, people get to know people. What type of communication begets friendship? Is it looking at each other? Is it spending time together? Is it explaining thoughts? Is it silence? Is it listening? Why ask these question?

These are reflective questions. What is your style of interaction that develops lasting friendships? Acknowledging the desire to spend time together, to interact, to speak, to be together in silence, to listen are all valid ways to develop friendships.

The bodies’ wisdom in being able to connect the various body parts in healthy ways for optimal health is available to us if we recognize its ability to guide us to health. All organs, endocrines, and body parts desire optimal connection to keep the body functioning optimally. Body Talk sessions can aid in such connections to be opened up, or acknowledged. When a relationship between two body parts or organs acknowledge there is interference causing stress in the body, the body mind can then determine what is the best route to reconnect the parts. The body mind recognizes body parts, endocrines, organs, emotions and interferences, in the order that the body mind sees fit, so that the body can be reset for optimal functioning.

Science of this type of work is based on Quantum Physics and the Dynamics Model.

How is this work applied? For anyone, with a pain, the pain may be addressed by the body mind first checking for cellular hydration, then balance out the opposite body parts, linking the pain to an emotion caused by a trauma, linked to the painful area. These are tapped out and the body mind then goes to the next step.

For a pregnant mommy, the connections needed could be between the digestive tract, linked to an emotion of fearing labor, linked to baby’s placental perfusion, and linking to the baby’s position in utero. When the innate mind processes the need per the body mind, then baby and mother can be better in tune with each other. This can aid in the empowered intentional, open and unrestricted birth process. Connection is key.

Do connect with me if you want to sign up for a Body Talk session.

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