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Compassionate Birth Care

mother and partner communicating with baby
parents happy for pregnancy

S. Tenuta                             6-3-24


If I got to choose my route of birth, I have ideas for pre-natal care as well as pregnancy and birth.  I want compassionate birth care.

First, I would want my parents to want me.  That way, when I am conceived, I will have a great chance of being loved immediately.  I would feel alert at every stage of my physical development. I would listen to my mommy and try to hear my daddy.  I would do flips in utero and be glad that I would have the opportunity to join the people on earth.  I like adventures.

During the pre-natal visits, I would want no one to interfere with my growing.  I want compassionate birth care.  I would want my mommy to eat well, lots of protein and veggies and all that is good for her to eat.  I want to be very healthy.  I want my brain to grow all the possible neuron connections it can so I can learn and receive all the information my brain receptors can gather.  I want my cells to be able to multiply into more healthy cells.  If the care provider offers special tests for my mother, I would want no needle prodding in the uterus or into my cells.  I would want no dangerous electromagnetic waves coming at me.  I would want no loud sounds checking up on me.  I heard those loud ultrasounds and dopplers have scared some of my friends who were born.  I want compassionate birth care.

I would want my mother to feel her belly for me. I would want my mom and dad to talk to me and believe I really hear them.  I would want mom to hear my heartbeat, with a stethoscope around 20 weeks gestation.  I would want to keep doing flips and turns in as much room as I have until that is no longer possible. I would want to be in comfortable positions and to encourage my mom to have me in a good birthing position.  I would whisper to her to sit up on her sit bones with her legs apart a bit so I can drop properly into the pelvis.  I hope for my head to present, but I have heard of some of my friends being born with their butt first.  When they had the proper help, they said that the breech birth was not bad.  For the most part, no one touched them until they were out of mom.

I have heard that midwives and nurses like to check my positions during labor and they use the handheld doppler.  I would prefer that to not happen, but at the same time, I would want the birth team to know I am ok.  I suppose hearing my heartbeat a couple of times would be ok.

At birth, I am pretty sure I will need a few seconds to just look around and take into my senses the new place.  I would hope mother would be looking at me, and into my eyes.  I want to smell her to be assured that this is my mother.  I would then want to crawl towards her.  As I crawl towards her breast area, I will be sure to tell her my story of coming to this new place.  I want her to know how happy I am to see her, and yet let her know my frustrations as coming did not happen as fast as I had anticipated.  I want her to know every detail and I want my mom to let me know she understands my journey story and that she loves me.  That would delight me.  I would want no one to take me away from my mom.  I want to so much be close to my mother.  When I find her breast, I will open my mouth as wide as possible and suck to my heart’s delight. 

And by the way, please do not cut the cord that attaches me to my placenta.  That organ was so comforting to me when inside my mom.  It was my pillow, my friend, my nourishment.  I felt the pulse of the blood flowing and felt its warmth.  I will let the placenta go when I am ready.  I understand there is still some wisdom being passed to me and some special energies that would be helpful for me while navigating my earth journey.  I will take as much blood from it as I can.  I understand it is 25% of my total blood volume that still needs to come to my body.  Some say that is 100 ml by 3 min. I want to make sure I get all I can.  Please give me control of this part of my entrance to earth as I consider this to be a part of my compassionate birth care.

After that, I understand I will have to sleep.  Inside my body, there are lots of things changing. My blood flow reversed by the liver and the aorta.  With that, the hormones are switching to be mine and not my mom’s.  My brain will need a break from all this excitement.  I will sleep for a few hours.  When people examine me, I want to be on my mom and not to be separated from her.  Maybe mom can figure out how to go to the bathroom when I am sleeping.  This is what I imagine to be compassionate birth care.

When I awaken, I hope I can eat every 2-3 hours.  I just can’t wait to grow. 

I imagine, mom and dad will take turns caring for me.  I do hope my mom breast feeds me.  I want her to do so as long as is possible.  Preferably, I would like to choose when to stop drinking my mom’s milk.  I want to grow to be as healthy as is possible and I know that my mom’s antibodies in the milk will keep me as well as can be on this planet they call earth.  If I am sick, I understand the milk will adjust for me as long as my sucking is on her nipple.  We will see what happens.  I will appreciate mom’s efforts no matter what happens as I am told I am not really in charge of everything. 

When I develop as a newborn, I am hoping no one thinks they need to give me shots.  My body is strong.  It is super strong with mother’s precious milk.  My DNA and RNA cells are full of information.  I don’t want them to be interfered with.  Some of my friends say they got vaccinated right away, but I don’t really want to be vaccinated.  I believe I can be strong without that earthly belief of injections.  Let me be the proof of health without vaccines.

During my first year of life, there may be a few challenges.  Sometimes I think I will be growing so fast that I will be fussy.  I hope my mom has patience for me and just keeps feeding me until her milk production is just right again.  These times might be difficult.  I will try to help my mom understand that my cry is because my body is growing so fast, it is not her.  If my eyes get mattery, I want my mom to put some of her precious milk in my eyes to help them clear up. If my ears or nose get stuffed, I want her to put her milk in my ears and nose to help them clear up.  If I have a rash, I want her to put that milk on the rash, wherever it is, on the skin, or on the butt.  I dream of enjoying all the natural remedies available, and I know my mom’s fluid is the best for me.

There is a whole life for me to imagine but this is as far as I will share my imagining of a compassionate birth with compassionate care.  Gosh it was fun to imagine.  I wish for all babies to enjoy their experience coming to earth into the arms of loving parents and compassionate care birth providers. Intouch and Intune would love to be part of the compassionate care birth experience.

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