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Consciousness Communication

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S. Tenuta 9-24-23

Consciousness has been brought to the attention of many people through our current cultural practices. Teachers are to teach what is called mindfulness. This is a way for children, if guided well, to get to know themselves, to connect with themselves and to meditate on their own strengths. Awareness, brings conscious wisdom of self.

So what is consciousness? The definition I connected with tonight is: our awareness of internal and external stimuli. This means we are aware of feelings, pain, hunger, thirst, sleepiness, thoughts and emotions. (

It is a way to know. It is a way to learn to be certain of self, of desires, of wisdom, of our inner knowing. What do we need to know? I have picked up books called Conscious parenting, Conscious eating, conscious conception, and conscious elimination communication. People are finding consciousness to be an important tool to use in life.

Conscious parenting is a way to be aware of self triggers and strengths and to get to know a child individually and uniquely. Foundational skills for building on such parenting is 1. Treating a child as individual and separate from others, 2. Being aware of personal emotional states when with a child, 3. Recognizing there are feelings behind behaviors, 4. Getting curious about personal triggers, 5. Taking care of the personal emotional needs in order to be present for a child. The parent questions their beliefs and ideas and learns to understand the child’s needs. ( )

Conscious eating refers to “the awareness of how the food we eat affects our body, emotions, mind, and spiritual life. It is understanding how what we eat directly affects the planetary ecology and the degree of peace we have with the human and animal life on this planet and even who lives or starves to death.” “ Our food choices reflect the state of harmony with oneself, the world, all of creation, and the Divine.” Conscious eating is understanding how our food choices affect our health, and what foods enhance our balance within our body and then with our universe. (Conscious Eating by G. Cousens)

Conscious conception is recognizing our roots. It is realizing and imagining our fertility, conception, embryogenesis and birth as intimate and sacred phenomena. Children are not conceived by accident, but rather through the process of nature, but recognizing we are a passageway for other souls to enter this world. Every soul needs an earthly participant to bring it into earthly being and each soul brought into being has a particular task to fulfill on this earth through the human experience. The body and mind comes from nature. Conscious conception is about reconnecting with our animal and plant beginnings through consciously inviting and co-creating. (Conscious Conception by Jeannine Parvati Baker and Fredrick Baker)

I also mentioned elimination communication. This is the conscious connection with the baby to understand when the baby, from birth, has to pee and eliminate. “It is a non-coercive, gentle way to potty an infant from birth, following a baby’s natural awareness of her elimination and her instincts to keep herself, her caregivers and her bed dry.” (Go Diaper Free, by Andrea Olson) Imagine all the eliminated diaper costs and less laundry, along with the self confidence of the infant and the joy of the parents. Again, this is a consciousness awareness of self and baby.

To one extent, we consciously learn skills that we can use for our own benefit, or calling in life. How do we know what our calling is? We reflect. We come to know our center. We learn ways to be certain when we hear our inner voice guide us. I have my certain ways. But, I must say, my ways are not the only way that all people learn this certitude. Others have reported differing signals in their body or mind or muscles. If you are familiar with this inner knowing and would like to share your way of this conscious knowing, I would love to have you share with me. If you are someone who this conscious knowing is a new concept, then keep researching, experiencing or call me and we can discuss further.

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