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  • Sharon Tenuta

Consider Conscious Conception

S. Tenuta 12-4-23

fetus in the sky,
baby picture amidst the stars,

Sex is given different connotations depending upon one’s frame of thought, activities and cultural education or lack of. Sex is a beautiful gift for procreation. We people could not exist in a natural form without participating in the procreation process. That sexual process can be ecstatic or it can be polluted by being forced or by abusing the process just for pleasure without considering the other person’s permission. Sex can be natural when in a passion, with given permissions understood by two people. It can also be something feared if one is forced, coerced, threatened or used when in unhealthy relationships.

I want to imagine a world where people respect each other, do not fear each other, are not jealous or suspicious of their partner and communicate well. I want people to believe it is possible to feel understood, listened to, embraced and accepted for our whole person. An important element that helps this, is fully feeling these for one’s self. Reflect whether you accept yourself, listen to your body, embrace your physical, emotional and conscious self. How do you know? Write in your journal some of these reflections.

When a person has this awareness of self, they tend to also feel intuitively that they are connected to the entire universe. All people past, present and future, somehow, coexist. We can’t see all that is real. So, I have heard that there are souls that want to come to earth to do a job here, maybe to help this world be a better place, maybe to learn how to do tasks, maybe to learn love or to experience emotions which may not be felt in the same way in the rest of the universe.

This quote comes to my mind quite often, “I knew you before you were born.” Does that mean that we actually did exist prior to coming to earth, and when we came here, we were given a gift to not remember? As we go through life, maybe we are called to discover all we can so we can remember who we are, from before we were born.

Well, let’s say that is possible. That means we can possibly be children of parents who we picked out. Or we could have asked to be a child for some parents. We truly do not come without a choice if that is the case. Sometimes we hear the phrase, “I didn’t ask to be born.” Well, maybe we really did ask to be born and we just don’t remember. Currently, on earth here, we seem to want to stop people from coming to the earth. We have abortions if we conceive. We change our hormonal composition to stop implantation of the conception in the uterus. We choose to not have children due to our lack of awareness of ourselves, or from an unhealthy experience, or if we think we can’t afford them. My reflections suggest that maybe we are not respecting the conceived child’s decision to come to earth. We say we want respect for our decisions. It seems we don’t want to respect other’s decisions. Killing is not a respectful decision. It is one made out of fear, misunderstanding and lack of trust in this earthly experience. We tend to want to be in control, and yet maybe we are here to learn to trust something or someone or our Creator, more than ourselves.

Well, how about if all who engage in the act of sex, just put in the mind, that responsible sexual action is an invitation to creating life. What if before having sex, we thought about inviting a being into the space of the sexual act. What if all this togetherness was consciously perceived in a type of invitational ritual.

I have heard stories of people who have felt the energy of a baby in their room. I have heard of people having dreams of babies who wanted that person to be its mother or father. I have heard of a mommy having a conversation with a soul, where the soul wanted a parent who would support soccer, and the mother said, that she was not the right mother. I also heard of a parent explaining to the baby her difficulties and so the baby left by miscarriage. At a later time, that soul came back to the same mother. I have also heard of baby souls coming back to a mother who needed forgiveness for aborting the child, and the child let the mother know she was forgiven.

These are stories that I think can encourage anyone to think before consenting to a sexual encounter. Be excited to share in love and passion. Be conscious about inviting a soul to earth. Be thoughtful and inviting but also, be ready to welcome a soul into this world. Our world does need wisdom, encounter, participation, love and guidance from our Source, our God, our Universe, and our connection to all. Maybe that consciously conceived soul will be another light for our beautiful, yet troubled world.

References: Conscious Conception by Jeannine Parvati Baker and Fredrick Parvati

Windows to the Womb by David Chamberlain

Primal Connections by Elizabeth Noble

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