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  • Sharon Tenuta

Consider Hiring a Midwife

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

S. Tenuta 3-7-23

Have you thought about or verbalized the birth you would like to experience with your baby? Have you considered asking baby how he/she wants to be born? Are you familiar with the many options available with birth? How do you know what information on the internet is beneficial for you to know? Do you know your rights when confronted with a challenging birth?

A midwife is trained to guide you through to discover information that you need to know. This comes through the many years of training and experiences at births. Though no birth is exactly the same, there are similarities and clues that both parents can learn in case of a quick birth. The midwife at a birth recognizes familiar behaviors or signs that occur during the process of labor. The midwife is also trained in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR if needed. Prenatal sessions often are times to get to know the midwife, and the midwife gets to know your concerns and general habits, that could influence labor and birth. These sessions can last from 30 min – an hour. You compare how much personal time you get at other appointments.

picture implies a woman massaging laboring mom's back
midwife or doula care of mom

Midwives are varied, too, but if you do research, and connect to yourself and the universe or your faith, you will be guided to the midwife that best suits your needs.

I am a midwife that loves the beautiful natural process of birth, self-talk, talking to baby, breathing baby down, resting between and encouraging mom to allow baby time to do the birth crawl, and to give baby all the time it needs to separate from the placenta. These actions empower mother to confidently grow into motherhood. Do connect with me if you want to connect more with this midwife.

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