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  • Sharon Tenuta

Entrance and Exit to Earth's Fullness

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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When in 1st grade, I remember a teacher saying, “God would not put us on Earth if we could not survive here.” That quote has stuck with me all these many years. I am getting up in age per our educational system. However, I believe the quote is just as pertinent today as it was when I was age 6.

Through my experience, I have come to know more and more that there are tools and remedies and energies that are available to everyone if they so choose to access them and ask for them. There are herbs, sunshine, alternative therapies, breath work, exercise, prayer, meditation, consciousness practices and energies. If we ask for wisdom, we just might be given some that has not been learned in the perceived ordinary education system.

How can we access such surprises and confirmations in our life? Spend time in nature. Sit quietly. Get to know yourself. Find your space to feel safe. Speak kind words and confirming words of empowerment. Take time to praise God in whatever way you can. Learn from the wisdom of history and figures who have gone the extra mile to find peace, peace in themselves. Learn the traditions of great religions. Know who has the words of truth. Your innate being can confirm this for you. Find how you can access your innate being.

Personal strategies to my wellbeing have been music, with positive vibrations. It has been prayer, reading and daily reception of the Eucharist at mass. I love stories of the saints and wise people of all cultures. I find encouragement from those who stand strong when faced with horrendous challenges. I find hope from those who have gone before me and ask for their help. I believe all of creation is connected from plant cell to animals, to clouds, to people, to the moon, the stars, the universe and all that we can not see. For all that I know, I am grateful.

Contact me if you would like to experience some of the wonders that I have experienced in my journey toward better health after getting worn down. I am filled with hope. I am also a teacher and want to teach people all they want to hear from me. Until we meet. Peace.

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