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  • Sharon Tenuta

Highlights of "A Story of Radical Birth Love"

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Aug. 1, 2019

My Book Review of the Indie Birth Book, “A Story of Radical Birth Love”

This book covers many important birth topics. Highlights for me were:

1. Believe in the women you work with or suggest they find a different provider or support system.

2. The actual birth process can be totally taken over by the mother, provided she has support that she needs.

3. Regulations of midwives is born of fear and though legality may appear to be good, it limits what the midwife is allowed to do legally.

4. Everything in birth and life is an internal job. We need to take responsibility for our own actions.

5. We can’t force anyone into knowledge or a philosophy. When a person is ready to receive, information will appear to them.

6. Birth is sacred and women are powerful.

The stories in this book touch a person according to their readiness. The stories are impactful and filled with special lessons that were learned by the story teller when reflected upon. They can be lessons for the reader as well. This book is a gem that can re-ignite the mother’s intuitive wisdom and empower women in the next chapter for birth on this earth.

Indie Birth story
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