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Interview about Lotus Birth

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

On Oct. 21, 2019. I was interviewed by Akasha Rose about natural birth and how I thought Lotus Birth is a most natural way to birth a baby. Her website had been called Learning to Birth. It is no longer connected to this title. She had many interviews of people from around the world interested in re-creating the holy, and reverent birth space for mothers.

My portion of the interview about my work was about tapping for health and my viewpoint that Lotus Birth is a most natural way to birth a baby. By honoring birth and trusting it, after we release our own traumas and cultural blockages, babies again could be born in peace. I believe that is one way to promote peace in the world.

Learn more about the webinar and my discussion with Akasha here:

see pillow placenta and baby
Imagine Lotus Birth to Bring peace to the world.

Buy the Lotus Birth book by Shivam Rachana. I saw a copy on Etsy. (4-30-23)

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