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Lotus Birth Fascination

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

by S. Tenuta 11-27-22

Picture of pretend lotus birth
stuffed pillow placenta and baby doll

What is Lotus Birth? In short, it is birthing baby and keeping the placenta attached to baby until it naturally separates from baby. That means no cord cutting. And why?

It is believed by some that there are important energies still being passed to baby. These energies encompass the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the etheric body and the spiritual body. This is called vital force. By not cutting the cord, the physical and psychic integrity of baby and placenta are respected. (Jeaninnine Parvati Baker)

Clair Lotus Day says “Lotus birth has spiritual benefits.”

Some benefits of Lotus birth include: simple waste management, cost effective, clean blood transfusion into baby, and a gentle integration into the world. Benefits for baby have been recognized. One, the child is harmonious and strong and healthy and alert. Two, The fetus and placenta come from the same cell. They are one. While attached, the etheric field is sealing off. And three, the result is a strong immune system for baby.

How is the placenta stored until it separates from baby? It can be stored in a bowl or baggie, or basket. It has been known to be coated with salt or herbs. It is rinsed off and recoated a day later. There is anecdotal evidence that the longer the placenta is attached to baby, the shorter time for its separation from baby. Cords have separated around day 3, but can take up to 10 days.

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