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Mastitis, Remedies to help the Ouch of Breastpain

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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Oxytocin experience, baby on a person

Breast pain is not good when breastfeeding. It is often an infection caused by plugged ducts. These could be due to swelling, or cracks or fissures that occur in the nipple, especially during the first few weeks of nursing. Through the cracks, bacteria may enter the breast.

Mother commonly gets a fever, yellow pus-like secretions and general tiredness, along with flulike symptoms.

To combat this discomfort, to remedy the ouch of the situation, here are some suggestions. Drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, or rest more than you would consider normal, such as sleep when baby sleeps. Air dry nipples after nursing. If nipples are cracked, coat the cracks with breast milk or aloe vera.

Gently heat the nipples, before and after nursing in order to heal cracks. This can help to soften areas to help ducts get and remain cleared.

Here are ways to make sure milk ducts remain open. Empty ducts completely. If you wear a tight bra, loosen it or go without. Massage the nipple in places that you feel lumps. Start at the rib cage and massage towards the nipple tip. This can stimulate flow.

Also, you can change baby’s positions to help ducts be fully drained. When nursing, be sure to offer baby the sore nipple first. If both nipples are sore, hand express until a let down occurs. Check on baby’s jaw position. Be sure baby’s mouth is wide open, coving a large portion of the areola of the breast.

Other helps are taking a homeopathic remedy that promotes healing such as arnica, or apply avocado oil, calendula ointment, lanolin, or olive oil. Do not wash nipples with soap and water. Do let them air dry and be exposed to sunlight and air.

Also, some folk remedies claim cabbage leaves on the breast and nipple helps soften any plugged ducts.

Body Talk work, and other energy work can help to balance a person’s body to be able to heal more quickly.

In severe cases, do seek a doctor who can give anti-biotics.

Mom’s, as you carry the perfectly made food for your baby, may you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience nursing, being close to baby, and flowing with that love hormone of oxytocin.

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