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Discover your Inner Strength

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S. Tenuta   4-3-24


Life has a way of teaching us lessons and giving us experiences that bring us to ponder who we are and what we are capable of doing and experiencing.  We somehow forget who we are and need to find out who we really are and why we came here to our parents and to this earth.  We begin life as a baby, knowing lots of information that is not recognized by us humans.  We hear people talking, we understand, even though we cannot talk.  We feel emotions and don’t know how to process them.  We crave our parents love and don’t understand when their emotions are not ours.  We take on energies from people around us and if someone acknowledges these experiences exists, we move forward in life without that baggage.  If we are not acknowledged or understood, our bodies, and consciousness holds the information and emotion for us until a later time in life when we recognize the need to release these held emotions from the stuffed and unexplained experience.

Throughout life, we may encounter health issues such as asthma, indigestion, bloating, rashes, and colds.  We often say, “oh, I caught that from so and so who was sick.”  We like to blame others for our sicknesses and body’s confusion.  We think we are fine because our health gradually declines.  We move forward in life, until one day, our emotions seem so erratic, or our stomachs just won’t digest our food properly, or we itch terribly with no explanation for the discomfort, or we have trouble conceiving a child.  Our hopes seem somehow derailed.  We might feel tired, or anxious, or frustrated, or misunderstood.  These can all be signs that our bodies are trying to communicate with us.  Our body is trying to get our attention.  It wants us to figure out what is amiss.  Emotions and unprocessed experiences want to be acknowledged, and then with that noticing, they can be released with the proper tools or healing modalities and we can take our journey back to health.

Health and sickness can help us find the inner strength of our true selves.  Dealing with the body signs of dis-ease, people discover different tools that help them process life and disorders, as if these are put in the person’s space purposefully.  Some of these tools used to discover inner strength are friendships, people that just show up with similar needs, experiences that mirror our unrest, books that we are attracted to, pains that trigger the need for healing, bumps and lumps that want to be noticed, or emotions that cause distress.   Other than finding help from the medical system, people report finding inner strength by using energy work such as Body Talk and Emotion Code, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.  There are naturopaths, homeopathic, essential oils and herbs that help relieve the body from its’ dis-ease triggers.  Sound, music, singing, humming or listening to nature are other ways to ground into recognizing inner strength.  By finding the type of healing modality that a person resonates with, the person gains inner strength.

Intouch and Intune midwifery is a midwifery, doula, Body Talk and Emotion Code service.  All are integrated together for a person’s optimal health and for the midwife’s optimal care for her clients.  The interactions of the clients with Intouch and Intune determine to what extent the health tools are explored.  Always there is a need to give permissions.  We talk about permissions needed in the health care space as well as in the midwifery space and also in guiding the client using the Energetic and Alternative care modalities. 

Intouch and Intune offers classes that describe birth, by understanding the hormonal processes involved in a birth.  Research is suggested per topics of interest, and the explanation of the many options available for birth work, doula work, and energy work of both Body Talk and Emotion Code.  Classes can be in person, on line, or in group settings.  Personal empowerment is the goal of Intouch and Intune.  Clients of Intouch and Intune are welcome to ask questions, research questions, receive answers, give opinions, and hear opinions that have been formed through the researching of a variety of sources. 

By being active participants in care by Intouch and Intune, the clients will have a great opportunity to discover better who they are, what they desire, release fears, acknowledge the needs of the body, mind, spirit and consciousness, and above all, discover that inner strength that is so desired.  What does that inner strength look like to you?  It can mean being at peace about your decisions.  It can mean being calm in the face of stress.  It can be journaling about your day and reflecting on how you responded to its challenges.  It can be finding a person to share the inner dialogue of your mind.  It can be knowing you are strong, knowing your body is wise and knowing your mind is a receptor of truth.  It can be recognizing your need to be spiritual, and open to God who is Truth, and to the Universe which holds all that is available.

If a person finds their inner strength, they are able to be at peace with whatever experience comes their way.  They are able to navigate turbulence in life, they have a fine understanding of self and are able to put up healthy boundaries.  A person with inner strength is able to buffer themselves from harsh, untruths in life and about themselves.  They recognize wisdom and grow in wisdom themselves.

These are what Intouch and Intune desires for all who live this life.

In Touch and In Tune

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