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Midwifery Guidance

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When a person hires a midwife, they believe they will get the midwifery guidance for pregnancy, labor and birth.  They often don’t think about postpartum as part of the experience, though it is a vital part of the process of welcoming a new being to this earth.  What kind of guidance is a mother looking for?  That is a question to ponder.  Are you looking for the midwife to tell you what to do during the entire process?  Do you expect the midwife to be the research portal for yourself?  Do you expect to do the research yourself, and then find a midwife that connects with your research and beliefs?  Do you look for a midwife to be a guard for you and baby as she watches your own wisdom come through this initiation into another level of your wise woman experience?

These are probably three totally different outlooks on this process called pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.  What part of the spectrum do you want to be on?  This will help you determine the type of midwife you want and need for your particular experience as you prepare to welcome your baby to your family. 

If a person is under the influence of believing birth is to be feared, I have found that person wants the midwife to tell them what to experience, what to do, what to eat, when to come to appointments, what tests to take, and that person lacks the confidence in herself.  This is ok to hire a midwife that has lots of guidance towards taking lab tests, measurements and vaginal exams.  This is definitely a precautionary way to actively allow others to make sure you and your baby are within normal ranges per our medical model of maternity care.

If you are someone who is quite busy and would like research and best practices to back your decisions about pregnancy, labor and postpartum, then you will take information that the midwife hands you to read, or go to books and websites to find the information that is evidence based.  Though you are busy, you will read what the person shares with you.  This way you will have some choice in your decision making.  There are midwives who would like that.  There may be questions asked, but they are rather limited due to the amount of information you are receiving and due to your time constraint.  You hope it is the most relevant for you and you trust your midwife.  You work together, and you trust her intuition to guide you along.

The third type of person, is one who does lots of research, has time to research, and has had others influence their lives in regards to natural birth.  They find information that is showing what studies say about the various procedures of birth.  They read books.  They find ways to process their own fears, or lack of knowledge.  They come to understand that knowledge is good, but so is their own motherhood intuitive nature.  They find out what that is. They may have dreams about their baby.  They may have feelings about baby’s wants and desires.  They may get to know the character traits of baby by when baby is awake, kicking, sleeping, or being.  Mother communicates intuitively with baby.  Mother learns what baby wants, is tuned into her own needs, and to baby’s needs.  This is a skill that all mommies can learn if they give themselves the time and opportunity and space to practice being in tune with baby.  Meditation and prayer are part of this midwifery model of care.

In the third scenario, the midwife is available to guide mother into her unknown territory of herself.  She asks questions that help mother find out more information about herself, and about her baby.  She helps mother recognize whether baby is fine or needing something.  She helps the woman overcome fears that may be encountered.  She suggests exercises, or foods or modalities that are resonating with the mother.  Sometimes, they may sing together, play music together, write poetry, talk to baby, make artwork to reflect this special pregnancy time or take walks.   When labor arrives, mother is continuing her intuitive practices.  She will still pass through to the passageway that brings baby here as well as brings mother to her new level of wisdom.  If she embraces this journey, as it unfolds naturally, she will find herself to be more empowered in her personal wisdom and strength.  No other person will have experienced what she had the opportunity to experience.

There are midwives for each of these types of needs.  When you interview midwives, know your personal strengths and needs and wants.  This will help you be guided to the midwife that is best for you.  Not all midwives are the same.  They all learn skills to guard the baby and mother in case of emergencies.  Some midwives have a greater trust in the natural process of birth.  Some have the ability to wait and observe baby’s journey longer than others.  Mommies, listen to your internal instinct and may you have the midwife and birth experience that helps you become that wise woman, to the next level.

Intouch and Intune is welcoming to those interested in midwifery care. 

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