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  • Sharon Tenuta

No Diapers for my Baby

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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Go Diaper Free

by S. Tenuta


Who ever heard of a baby not wearing diapers? Or should the question be reversed? Who ever heard of a baby sleeping in its poo? Oh my that makes me shriek with horror. I would not want to sleep in a mess that I made. I wonder if that makes people want to put up with stuff, because that is how they started their life, sleeping in their poo and pee (their sh-). We do have a lot of people who put up with crap in life and we do wonder why? Were they not empowered as infants? What? We need to now empower infants? Can they be that conscious? If so, I want no diapers for my baby.

Here are examples of potty training in other countries. In Vietnam, mom and dads teach their babies to pee at the sound of a whistle. Kind of like Pavlv with his salivating dogs. Except this is moms and dads with peeing babies. The Chinese do it too, apparently. Parents start by noticing when their baby starts peeing and making a little whistle sound. Soon enough, the baby starts to associate the whistle with peeing and voila!

In China, a practice known as ba niao, or “holding out to urinate” is a method of infant hygiene which involves very limited use of nappies, meaning laundry can feasibly be done by hand. It involves learning the signals and timing of a baby’s patterns of poop and pee, then holding them out over a basin, toilet or potty for them to release, nappy-free. Caregivers look for signs such as squirming, pushing, fussing, stillness, and other forms of more direct communication that preceed an "elimination". What other countries can teach us about ditching disposable nappies (

In traditional Digo communities in Msambweni, Kenya, if a mother suspected that her baby had to pee, she would sit with her legs straight out in front of her and place the baby between her legs, near her knees, with the baby facing away from the mother. The mother would make a “shuus” or hissing noise as the infant urinated. The infant was then rewarded for peeing during the sound. The child was expected to urinate in position and on command at least by 4 to 5 months, according to the paper.(Journal of pediatrics, 1977) Potty training around the world | CNN

Articles and experience by parents who do the Elimination communication (EC), have said that this empowers the children to be confident. They give a message, the message is heard, and the child feels acknowledged. The parent I spoke with, said that his child, even as a 5 year old, after using EC from day 1, is determined and she will not take no for an answer. The child will find a way to accomplish its requests. Don’t we want all our children to have such confidence?

Of course there are many events and personalities that help mold a person’s characteristics. I do know that our children still are not appreciated as knowing beings, whom we can learn from. Many people think children are to be seen and not heard. Many people comment that they did not have a choice to be born. This may or may not be factual. Some treat kids as not important. Some act as if children will not remember any treatment they received as babies. Psychology can tell us otherwise. Hypnotherapy can tell us that some parts of us remember those young interactions and we store them in memory somewhere in our bodies. There are those who study epigenetics where it has been learned that a father who carried fear from being in war, passed this fear to his child via RNA or DNA. The child had this unrecognized reason to fear until it learned about the study of epigenetics. Once realized, the fear could be released.

Parents, I heard of a great book on Elimination Communication. It is called: Go Diaper Free by Andrea Olson. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know of our children’s early messages about having to pee, and then we respond in a way that empowers the child to be acknowledged, to be diaper free and to learn to trust the parents in this way? That could translate to more humans trusting humans, and that seems like a good idea to me. The other great idea is for our earth and all the go green ideas. Less diapers for the landfills are an ecological benefit for all who live on this earth. With all the laws that people try to enact, how about adding a law to the books that says,“ Parents must be attentive to their baby’s signs for elimination communication because we have no more room in landfills for diapers”.

The forcing nature never seems to work best in society. How about we start a revolution from the common sense people who actually put lawmakers into office by our voting. Let’s show that we really do want a green and healthy planet with less landfill garbage. Start a diaper free revolution. Empower the children and don't let then sit in their sh- anymore.

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