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  • Sharon Tenuta

Onion Healing

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

onion on countertop
sliced onion peeling

When I was in school, learning biology, we had a class on the layers of our skin. The best explanation for our layers of skin, was when we discussed the layers of skin on an onion. How thin layers of skin on an onion are, especially the very thin membrane covering the meaty onion layer. That thin skin is what I imagined on my hand, but 7 layers, one on top of another.

When I learned the Body Talk and Emotion Code information, I understood that layers of emotions, or layers of healing could take place in the order that the conscious mind preferred. As each layer of pain, trauma or emotions was embraced, balanced, processed or removed, the body had an easier chance and ability to heal itself.

So, if a person had a blocked emotion, and that emotion was finally able to be released or removed, then the person’s body could go to the next layer that needed or wanted to be processed. With each layer processed, then the body could go to the next emotions that wanted to be released. With each release, the person gets closer to resolving the root of the emotional block, and thus allows the body to heal itself.

If a person experienced Body Talk, a similar idea works. The client and practitioner listens to the person’s body, consciousness, vibration or intuition, figures out a formula or linking pattern that the consciousness wants to process, and then is intentionally recognized and released. This happens layer after layer until the consciousness recognizes that the body has enough to process for the day.

When we people experience life, we learn certain skills. Some skills help us to process mentally, and emotionally and spiritually what has happened. Sometimes we don’t learn those skills and then we stuff the information or pretend something did not happen and then the muscles say, “I will remember for you until you learn how to release this event.” So, layers get built up either in our muscles, or around our hearts. If a person is open to or exposed to the onion layer way of releasing stresses, then the person can be on the road to the root of releasing stuck emotions or unprocessed events of life, and then to allowing the body to heal itself.

The Body Talk is a modality that is able to get to the root of a person’s health issues, not linearly, but in a holistic, and wholesome way. Emotion Code is a modality that can unblock the pains that the heart has suffered over the years of life.

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