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  • Sharon Tenuta

Overcome Your Fear

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

When I was in first grade, I had a teacher who emphasized how the world is a perfect place for people to live. How did it get so perfect? And why would we people be put on an earth that would not support us? The teacher put in my mind that the world is the perfect place for humans to live, with all the foods and healing plants that we need. We were given all the tools we need to survive in the world and if we trust our creator, get to know, love and serve our creator, we would find happiness on this earth.

In the beginning, per this formula, there were no negatives, but with the natural consequences of how the universe is built, there are consequences when we live outside of the natural equation of respecting life and creation.

During my experiences of life, I have also discovered that the creator has also given tools that help us heal, and be totally in tune with the balance of the universe through vibrations, frequencies, if we have trust, and freely choose to embrace those available gifts.

One tool that I have totally found helpful in my life is called a muscle test. It has to do with the reality that all the cells in the body communicate, and desire the best for each cell as well. The cells tell the truth of what is good for the body. The body will do all it can to protect itself from harm. We can have true freedom, and even learn to trust our God more, if we understand that tool.

My favorite book that describes this natural ability for anyone who is interested is called: Bio-Kinetic Testing for Health by Tisha Mecham.

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