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  • Sharon Tenuta

Perfectly made with Pruning Options

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

fallen branch
prune with care

What is pruning? Selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds or roots. Per Wikipedia. adds the pruned parts are not requisite to growth or production, are no longer pleasing visually, or are injurious to the health or development of the plant. says “the practice of selectively removing plant parts to manipulate the plant for horticultural and landscape purposes.”

How is pruning related to my work? I believe each person is perfectly made but with free choice, we have pruning options. As each person is perfectly made, why would anyone need to prune a part of themselves. When the spark of life begins, there is a conscious being taking in its surroundings. Even in utero, the life starts to read mother's and father’s moods, events, hormones and stresses or relaxations. These shape and mould something in the baby through blood circulation, hormonal development, nerves and emotional observations. If the activity is not explained to baby, or baby is not acknowledged in regard to the specific event, baby can take on the unprocessed emotions and hold it in a developing organ or muscle, or energy. Every event is held in memory somewhere in the spark of life that we call a fetus or baby.

So, during life’s perfectly ordained events, there are experiences that we can process by talking about and by being acknowledged knowing something happened, or we can ignore the event and the baby, and years down the road, the person sees repeat types of situations, or starts to develop chronic illness, or comes to a road in life that requires counseling or other work, where details of that event could conceivably come up. Science also suggests that we get some DNA or RNA experiences, through what is called epigenetics that also gets options to ignore or try to understand, acknowledge and let go.

In this life, many cultures give the idea that we must work to improve ourselves during life. That implies that we are not made perfectly, that we are imperfect, and that everyone needs to strive for perfection. Whose definition of perfection are we going by? If we are perfectly made, how does this imperfection occur? I suppose we humans can take the blame here. Whenever we interact with others, we can make choices. These choices can be for the betterment of others, for our personal betterment, for both groups' betterment, or for self. For each choice, one choice is more conducive to societal living, or friendship forming or for personal gain. Perception of our choice to ourselves can be different from the view of others' views. If we start to judge whether the choice was a good one or not, this starts to leave memories in our body. If we start being judgemental of ourselves, that can cause our personal self-esteem to go down. I start to feel like I am not good enough. (eventhough I was perfectly made).

Life is this learning space for each of us to find out who we are. If we accept the fact that we are perfectly made in a perfect universe, and we never feel the emotions that we are able to feel on the earth, then we really did not experience earthly living. Feeling emotions is part of this life. They show that we can have emotional experiences, we can hold emotions, we can process them and we can let them go. I suspect letting them go, gets us to move to the next level of learning. Gosh, that means we might never be done learning.

Personally, I like that idea. After completing one task, I can go to the next. So by completing a task, I believe that is how we prune our lives while living in our bodies. Constantly striving to learn could conceivably be the visual of pruning a plant or tree. May you grow to know and love and be the person you are. May you like yourself and like the process. Prune and choose with care. You are amazing. Believe it.

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