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Personal Birth Experience of Intouch and Intune

midwife and flower
midwife and Hibiscus flower

S. Tenuta 5-13-24


As a birth worker, I found it is very important to reflect upon my own birth experiences.  Here are reflections of Intouch and Intune's birth experience. These are the ones that come to mind from my personal life.  First, I was born.  For that birth experience, which of course has been held in my body and consciousness from the beginning, I wanted to make my way to this earth when I was still 6 weeks early.  I presume that would be at 34 weeks gestation.  I found myself met with lights and an incubator for a few days.  My mother was very surprised to see me that soon.  She had some tightenings and her sister had to suggest she was probably in labor.

I do find that I want to know what is going on around me.  I like to understand how the world works and is linked together.  I like to be aware of things around me.  I do not want to be left out and I don’t want to be incapable of making decisions.  I want a clear mind.  Are these related to my birth?  Quite possibly.

I was blessed to have two children to parent.  Intouch and Intune birth experience of her children follow. The first was born in August.  I labored for several days. As it was my first, I did not know what to expect.  I did hire a midwife in the capacity of a doula.  I had fears that were unresolved.  I feared the hospital.  I feared making wrong decisions.  I feared being me.  I allowed my fears to be in the way of my first son’s birth and when I arrived at the hospital, I was told I needed to have a cesarean section because my son was struggling.  I was put under and have no recollection of the arrival of my baby until a couple of hours after he was cut out of me.  When I awoke, he was in my husband’s mother’s arms.  It took a couple of more hours to gain mental alertness.  Then I needed to deal with my cesarean challenges.

My second son was born in January.  I was still teaching.  I had lesson plans ready, but no sub ready.  I had the sciatica nerve pressure and it distracted me from thinking clearly while teaching and moving.  It was a Friday morning, that I had discomfort.  I called my doula and contractions were coming every 5 min. by 6:30 am.  So by 8:30 am I was at the hospital.  There my doula was present while I labored.  Baby was born by 4 pm.  I achieved my Vaginal Birth after Cesarean. (VBAC) that day.  I remember touching baby’s head as he entered the world.  I did not examine him until an hour after birth, after the medical staff had observed him.  I did not even desire to hold him for awhile.  I guess I was in the phase of Taking In as I observed my baby from a distance.  He was in a bed across my hospital room. (At this point of my journey, I am sad I did not hold him sooner.)

Births that I have attended vary. Intouch and Intune attended a most beautiful quick birth of a young woman who called me, I arrived at her house, and she birthed within the hour.  Her body closed right up, she nursed, and I felt confident to go home within a couple of hours.

Other births attended by Intouch and Intune include a baby who did not want to breathe right away, and was given puffs of air, while the paramedics were called.  Baby arrived, but did take extra time, while we midwives did some work and praying.

Some of the births I have been at took several hours of laboring, until baby found its perfect position to make its entrance into the world.  Most births attended by Intouch and Intune have been at home.  Some of the mothers have birthed on land, on the bed, or in water.  All work well, if the mother listens to what her body cues and if she is being in tune with what baby wants.  Mother’s confidence and intuitive abilities grow as she navigates the space between earth and the laboring world… some say between two worlds.

A few transports to the hospital have been part of Intouch and Intune's birth experiences.  One mother plainly needed some sleep from her laboring.  She went to the hospital to get an epidural, she slept and then gently birthed her baby after she awoke.  Another mother was tired, her baby’s heart tones were decreasing, or irregular and she was transported.  When baby came, it was fine for awhile, and later, needed to return to the hospital as the heart rate and breathing was not within normal ranges.  Baby was diagnosed with a coarctation of the aortae.  It needed a surgery.

Births are all unique.  No births are the exact same.  There are the hormones which direct mother’s body to act in a certain way, in a certain order, depending upon the trust of the mother, and the education that she has embraced.  Her experience of the cultural imprints may determine her reactions to the process.  If mother embraces the fact that birth is a normal process and the body knows what to do, and she has processed her fears or her own birth experience, then there is a greater chance of her having an undisturbed natural birth.  There is never a pre-determined guarantee how baby will arrive.

Even breech is possible.  Intouch and Intune's personal experience has included attending some breech classes.  I do believe breech is a variation of normal birth.  I am seeking to have enough classes along these lines, to navigate labor if such a situation would arise in my practice.  So far, I have not experienced this on my own, only in classes per Breech without Borders. 

Twins have been part of Intouch and Intune's personal observable experience.  The person who I observed, had taken mindful care in feeding herself, and her babies during her pregnancy.  Babies stayed within mother’s uterus until 40 weeks.  She birthed at home, and the babies were fine.  3 midwives were present at the birth.   Mother recovered quickly and learned how to nurse both babies with confidence.  At the postpartum visits, she and babies were thriving. 

Intouch and Intune offers services as a midwife or a doula or a Body Talk practitioner.  All of these go together for the best care from Intouch and Intune.  May you find the tools that will empower you to be and experience what you desire through labor, birth and the world.  My journey continues.


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