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Stages of Healing with Body Talk

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Each person in life, has a journey. Often, there are traumas and challenges along the way. When the traumas or challenges are not processed completely, our bodies, minds, spirits, muscles and consciousness know and respond, holding the information for later processing. When processed completely, the trauma or pain or confusion is released.

In Body Talk, one way to help process the experiences in life is by awaking, alerting or moving molecules around the brain area that helps the brain be fully activated. This first process is called Cortices tapping. The Frontal, Occipital, , Parietal and Temporal Lobes of the brain are all called to attention. If functioning freely with all connections working well, situations can be dealt with, without stressing. If there is stress however, this automatically slows the brain processing as the body and brain go into fight or flight mode. Resolve stress.

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2nd is to be aware that our systems are constantly trying to resolve the “battle of the sexes” as the right brain and left brain want to balance each other. The intuitive right brain wants to balance with the logic of the left brain. Cortices tapping helps the two hemispheres of the brain work together. The tapping also helps the immune system be strong and to repair functioning of the amygdala system as it relates to the thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus and other body functions that need support under stress. Tapping cortices can bring a brain and body out of shock quickly.

3rd, the heart is a huge and largest electromagnetic field of the body. If emotions are processed in a healthy way, the heart exerts positive energy. If the heart is injured and the person has not processed the hurt, there can be a serious negative energy emitted from a person. This heart energy extends outward at least three feet but with 100 times greater strength than the brain waves emitted by the body.

4th, Be properly hydrated. Check If the water you are drinking is ok for your body, and if it needs purifying, follow the steps you must take. Water is the main transporter of nutrition through cell membranes. If you don’t drink enough water, you could eat well, and still be undernourished because the vitamins and minerals are not getting into your cells. You can also drink water and not be hydrated. If you suspect this, ask a BT practitioner what the protocol is to help the body absorb the water and nutrients properly. It is the hydration technique.

5th, trust intuition. The body has a particular way it wants to release. The intuition can guide this process by providing necessary information about he needed techniques, focus, emotion, attention and intent, in the order that is best for the person. Intuition is then a necessary part of guidance toward healing. Science does not yet accept this concept. Spontaneous healing can occur if the practitioner truly understands the nature of intuition and how it operates. The practitioner is not the healer, only a facilitator of healing that is possible.

Look up Tapping the Cortices Technique with Body Talk.

Resources: Heart Math Institute and Book: The Science and Philosophy of Body Talk by John Veltheim

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