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The First Hour without Interference

doll in crawl position still connected to umbilical cord
doll in crawl position


S. Tenuta


What happens when a new soul enters this earth, and there is not interference in the natural process and there are not complications?  What happens during the first hour of life and without interference? On TV we do not generally get to view such an intimate event.  I wonder if the baby gets to become familiar with its surroundings gently.  I have seen some peaceful entrances into this world and into the arms of a mother.

What I have observed when a baby has no complications and no interference is a peaceful baby looking around even before its body has fully arrived.  As it looks around, its body is wiggling to find just the right angle to come out of mother.  It lands either in someone’s arms or needs a cord to be gently taken from around the neck, or lands on a towel while mother gazes at this new infant.  If mom is upright or squatting on her feet, she gently picks up baby and brings baby to her chest.  If she is lying down, and resting through the process, baby takes a moment to see what is around it and then proceeds to travel upward towards mother’s chest.  When baby finds that special breast and smells mother, baby opens its mouth, searching for a nipple.  The hands even reach up to squeeze the breasts as if baby knows this is how it will get its nourishment.  Baby has the neuron information in its body, muscles and brain to feed on mother.  Baby instinctually wants to survive.

Karen Strange has given her summary of the first hour if baby is not disturbed and is allowed to do the Breast Crawl, as:  Baby cries, Baby relaxes, Baby awakens – about 3 min. after birth, Baby actively moves – about 8 min. after birth, Then baby rests in between each new movement.  To crawl to mom’s breast without any help, it takes about 35 min.  Baby gets familiar with its surroundings about 45 after birth.  This lasts for about 20 min.  Then baby suckles and finally sleeps for a relaxed 1 ½ to 2 hours.  (2019)

Parents have the chance to gaze and hold baby.  Observing this event, sets into motion the oxytocin hormones that peak during this time for bonding as a family.  The cycle of love increases immensely. 

As baby suckles, the hormones send messages to the brain, which in turn sends messages to the uterus to clamp any open blood vessels.  It also sends messages to the body to make milk for the baby.  Baby suckles and receives the golden fluid called colostrum.  This contains lots of protein and antibodies that will support the baby’s body for the next couple of days until the actual milk for mother is ready to flow.  In the meantime, the more the baby suckles, the better mother’s body knows what to do.  This also lets baby know it is loved, and helps baby be secure, learning early to trust mother.  An important task for the adults is to listen to baby’s sounds and observe motions and then acknowledge to baby that you hear them.

Skin to skin is good for baby in order to learn quickly how to regulate its breathing, its heartbeat and its body temperature.  Mother’s body will regulate to be just the right temperature for baby’s body.  Even dad can do skin to skin with baby and bond in that way.  Parents and practitioners can observe baby’s crawl, reflexes, head motion, mouth motions, birth marks, sounds and more.

There may be one interference during this time when the placenta decides to expel.  This placenta can stay attached to baby as long as parents say.  The placenta is sending 1/3 of baby’s body’s blood into baby that was waiting until baby was born.  The cord connecting to the placenta can be cut later when the cord becomes flat, or it can stay on until baby releases it itself.  It is said that the cord will release naturally in 3 days if the placenta is left connected to baby.  Books will still suggest it takes up to 10 days.  It is also said, that the placenta is still releasing information to the baby while it is connected to baby.  That information could be energetic information that we can not see.  Maybe some of our energy reading machines could let us know that there is truly energy flowing from it if we decided to study the event.  However, I would not want to interfere with baby’s natural process of entering this earth.  I believe it is wise to allow nature to show us its wisdom, rather than us needing to know the whys and see things in order to believe.

When the hour is up, and parents are ready, then baby can be examined while in the parents’ arms.  Baby does not have to be separated from the parents to be checked.  Our observations are indeed important, using our knowledge from study, but the first hour is precious and only interference needs to happen if there is indeed an emergency.

May more parents find that their inner wisdom can protect their baby and may more babies love how they enter into this world. 

Here are links to Breast Crawl information sites.



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