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  • Sharon Tenuta

The Power of Self Talk

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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S. Tenuta 2-21-23

Have you ever encouraged yourself to do something well? Have you ever wished good on another? Have you ever calmed yourself down after a surprise or frustrating event? These are examples of self talk. These are ways to get in touch with your nervous system. These are ways to imagine a possibility or to let go of tension. These are examples of what some call self hypnosis.

So, HypnoBirth the Mongan way is a most comprehensive birth education system that uses the most up to date evidence and resources that can guide the parents through the process of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. It has visualizations for natural birth, for releasing stress and fears, for coping with the unexpected and for trusting one’s body’s ability to birth. The class covers options that parents will be glad to be aware of, so they can make the best choices. Without information, a person has no choice. With information, people do have choice.

Some upcoming information sessions on HypnoBirth the Mongan Way classes are coming soon. Inquire at In Touch and In Tune.

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