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Vitamin C and Empowered Women

S. Tenuta



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During this spring season, many people have allergies activated in their systems.  Many people get rashes, or respiratory challenges.  Some people get tired.  Their bodies are telling these people something.  The body wants help.  What kind of help could it really be wanting.


Some people use benadryl to take away swelling or itching.  Some people use inhalers to breathe better.  Some sleep to get energized again.  These help people gain a comfort when swelling inside the body is activated and needs to be alleviated.  But what is the body actually telling us individually and as a world? 

I study and recognize there are lots of chemicals that we are exposed to from the pesticides, to the exhaust from heating, or vehicles.  There are chemicals put in us with vaccines and with tooth care and nail care.  Our skin absorbs chemicals from the air.  Maybe our best bet would be to stop chemicals from being put into the air.  Since it is a monetary cost to stop these and to reinvent how to make products that don’t pollute, that will probably not happen very quickly.

In the meantime, I personally have used lots of vitamin C in my spring and summer allergy type experiences.  Many years ago, I would work in my yard and get a rash that took a month to disappear.  I no longer get that rash.  I still could have a reaction if I did not recognize what my body wants to boost my allergic response system.  I will tell you some of the Vit. C foods, herbs and practices that have helped me to avoid another horrific rash breakout.

After I worked in the yard the other day, I came in the house and determined what my body wanted to help it out.  Vitamin C empowered me. Vitamin C can empower women. I discovered my body wanted me to consume 4 c. of grape juice, 1 cup of cherries (from door county, WI – yum), Oregano tea, violet tea, echinacea tea, rose hips tea, hibiscus tea,(I blend them all together), some yogurt (with probiotics), and some bodily golden fluid…rubbed on the skin.  That day, I did need an extra boost of Emergen-C as well.  ( I like the raspberry especially.)

There are various forms of vitamin C.  Vit. C helps iron to be absorbed into the body.  It helps the body boost the immune system if it is taken more than once a day, when a person is suffering from chronic illnesses.  There is the Ester C , and liposomal C.  Both are easier for the body to absorb, as compared to a generic C tablet.  Then, of course there are many foods that contain Vit. C.  Take the time to determine what fruits, veggies and spices are good for you personally, and then consume what your body wants.  Get to know. Vitamin C understanding can empower women.

If you want more information on how to determine your body needs, contact Intouch and Intune.  Teaching people so they become empowered is my goal.  More empowered women on this planet will beget more empowered children and a more confident humanity. 

Have a beneficial and healthy spring during this budding season of beauty.


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