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  • Sharon Tenuta

What about Unassisted Birth during Covid Pandemic

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

What about Unassisted birth?

listen to your inner being
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In this climate of Covid 19, what is a pregnant mommy to do for labor and delivery? What is the best and safest place for the baby to be born, for parents to bond with their children, for mothers to recover after birth? Some people fear the germs, and some people fear the lack of privacy, and some people fear what could occur, and can occur if it is a fear of the person. If a person fears a bad outcome, that can happen. If a person fears being treated with a lack of dignity, that can occur. If a person fears having a cesarean section, that has a high probability of happening. If a person does not know their options, and that there are options, then the person is setting up self to be coerced by others. Knowing options, gives a person options. Being informed, gives parents empowerment to have the best possible outcome, no matter what the circumstances that are presented.

So, is a birth at home or an unassisted birth ok for any parents? It is perfectly possible, and safe for parents that know their options, and know what to look for during labor and birth. It is perfectly fine for those who know what would be not normal. Allowing a birth to progress on its own, in its own time, recognizing the parameters of normal and safe, and then having a backup plan, if complications occur, makes an unassisted birth at home the original safe design of birth. During a pandemic, unassisted birth may be your best option.

Home is the safest place for family germs and colonization of the good bacteria to happen for the newborn infant. Home is the place where parents can exchange oxytocin, and bond with each other and their baby. Hormones can naturally increase love flowing within the family at home. Home is where mother can recover, without being bothered by unnecessary lights, sounds, checkups, and hospital protocol or germs. Home is where a baby can enter into the loving world, gently.

If a mother does not feel safe having baby at home, she should listen to her instincts and find the place she feels most safe having her baby. Each person, in tune with self, can know where that best place is if the person gets centered, or meditative or listens to their intuition or to baby. Listen.

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