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What is a muscle test?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Muscles Testing

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Do you wonder what muscle testing is all about? What does that mean? Do you think you have one brain or are you aware of the new discoveries that our bodies have more than one brain and maybe even every single cell has its own brains?

Do you believe you have wisdom and know answers about certain questions, when you really don’t understand how you knew the answer?

There is something called a 6th sense that I learned about as a child. I learned some people have a stronger 6th sense than others. I believe every single person has the ability to access their 6th sense or to become aware that their own body and mind are connected to a greater circuit board or a larger organism that we as a society and culture are not yet ready to acknowledge.

I believe we all could be happier than we are. I believe we could know more certainly than we do, who we are, what to eat, what choices are best to make for the world, how to get well, and how closely we are connected to every other living cell on the earth, including the animals and the plants. As in the books of fiction where the animals talk, I believe we could better communicate with the animals. I believe we could better communicate with those who are non-verbal. I believe we have an intuition that can give us information that we do not yet access.

So, a muscle test, is simpler than intuition. The muscle test is a way to access the wisdom of the body, recognizing that the body wants to be well and can respond with a yes to that which is good for it. The muscle test in its many forms, gives a clear yes and no response to truth. As I understand this process, there are neurons in the body that are connected to the brain. If the body responds to a no response, the neurons are somehow disconnected from the normal yes pathway that goes to the brain, thus making the no very clear.

If a person does get interference from the many obstacles that can disrupt our bodies from saying a yes response, there is a way to reset the truth response. Interferences would be things such as stress, certain lighting, computer or TV screens, and the high radio waves or unhealthy frequencies that we are exposed to from cell towers.

A book that very much influenced my understanding of the Muscle Testing idea is called: Bio-Kinetic Testing for Health. By Tisha Mecham.

I find muscle testing very interesting and helpful in addressing health and food issues. I love to teach, so if you’d like to learn, feel free to contact me.

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