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  • Sharon Tenuta

Energy Medicine

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

E=mc2 That is what Einstein stated. What does that mean? In the common person language, it means that matter =energy.

imagine energy
picture of bubbles

Does that mean that we are what we see we are and we are what we don’t see we are? That is confusing. I do know that I am more than what my body shows and expresses. So there are healing modalities for the physical body and there are needed healing modalities for the part of the body that we can not see. I call that part the energy field, which can include the aura, thoughts, emotions and soul.

Science is able to show both the physical body through different technologies as well as the energy field that surrounds the body, even though we can’t see it with our visible eyes. Technology can be used to show the various colors, temperatures and depths of the energy fields using different lenses and lights. I remember a video I saw that portrayed what the body and its energy field showed when a person ate a healthy living, uncooked food, and the result it had on the person’s muscle and and then the video compared what the body’s muscles and its aura field portrayed when the body was fed junk foods, that had no more living matter, just cooked and processed foods. The first video of living foods showed the person’s aura to contain vibrant colors in the aura surrounding the person along with energetic movements. The second video showed dark colors and a person with little energy.

There are many healing practices today that use some sort of energy medicine. Is that for you? Well, if you have a physical body and an energy field surrounding your body, you could benefit from one or more of these healing modalities. Be open to all that is good in this world. I remember a song from my young years with the words: Take time to wonder at the world through which you wander.

I also have known people who struggled to be healthy using only the Western Model of medicine, based upon the Newtonian physics. A couple of those stories shared healthy results only after deciding to approach their symptoms using alternative therapies. Today, we have people who are learned in the Quantum physics as well as the Western Medical model. These people are developing a new approach to healing. People’s understanding of health and healing, as well as construction and education keeps evolving. What is best? If we become stagnant and think we know all the answers, we may miss out on another way to heal or think or teach. May we all be open to the possibilities and wonders of the universe. One of my favorite quotes are from Mary’s magnificat, “ You have shown to little ones the mysteries of the kingdom.”.

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