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  • Sharon Tenuta

Morning Routine for Focus

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

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What are some ways to gather focus for the day? What are ways to keep muscles active for the day? What are ways to align the body early in the morning in preparation for a fruitful day? What are ways that will help the body and mind be active and rejuvenate? What is your morning routine?

We want clarity. We want health. We want focus. We want muscle function. We want health.

I am writing about ways that have helped my daily focus in this guide. You may have other practices that you can add to this list, but this is mine. They have accumulated over the years. I use some of them daily. To determine what routine I need to do in a day, I use my handy muscle guide tool. Not all of the following activities are needed to do every day. Check in with yourself and see what your body needs each day. This can change depending upon your activity of the previous day. It can change due to having an allergy or immune response to something. It can change depending upon the focus of the innate mind, whether it is trying to do. Is it aiming to release toxins, or to process food, or to process emotions. All have to do with the body’s morning needs.

Here is my list with what I use, along with a few explanations.

1. Awaken with praising our Creator.

2. Offer the prayers I am called to pray or I desire to pray, including for a blessed day.

3. Tap cortices (tap head, heart and gut as intentionally tap brain) I have a pdf you may request.

4. Tap reciprocals ( I have the example on my website. This is like connecting body parts energetically. I imagine a bungie cord connecting the body parts that are brought to attention.)

5. Do 10 pelvic tilts. Breathe in and arch back, breath out and tilt pelvis forward.

6. Kegels

7. Do 10 Nostril breathing. Hold one nostril (breath in on count of 7, hold for 7, blow out on 7) Then hold other nostril and do the same.

8. Do 20 leg pulls towards head. - Hold legs up in a 90 degree angle if possible. Breathe in and then as I blow out, I pull legs towards my head.

9. Do a tennis ball foot massage. This sends messages up spine to stimulate organs.

10. Balance on one foot with other foot on calf. Hold as long as you can. This creates more nerve connections to the brain.

11. Swipe central meridian. (front is from upper pubic crest to lower lip. Back is from sacrum, up over head to the upper lip)

12. Do 20 push ups (I do them from my knees, not my toes. Either is good)

13. 40 Cat and cow positions

14. Do 20 backwards pushups off of a counter or dresser or solid table.

15. Stand and turn head to the right, and look over shoulder, counting to 20. Then do the same looking left over the shoulder.

16. Take time to meditate, 5-15 min. There are good meditation apps on the phone.

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