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  • Sharon Tenuta

Stem Cells and Liquid Gold, benefits and where to find them

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

7-3-23, S. Tenuta

liquid gold
pipet with yellow juice

We learn through science how stem cells are beneficial for regeneration of certain parts of our bodies. How do stem cells benefit life and where can stem cells be found? In some institutions, people have used stem cells to build a bladder. People continue to experiment using animals to see how stem cells will affect them.

When babies are born, we have learned how some people collect and save the cord blood in case of a future mishap. Stored stem cells from that cord blood re-stimulate the person’s body if needed during life. (I don’t know where these cells are exactly stored).

What are stem cells? Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that divide as necessary to produce new cells. According to my reading and the Marieb, Hoehn Human Anatomy and Physiology, text book, cells all arise from the matopoietic stem cell. Some call this the hemocytoblast. (cell bud). Stem cells of the immune system originate in the liver and spleen during wks. 1-9 of embryonic development and they reside in the bone marrow for the remainder of life. From the hematopoietic stem cell to the reticulocyte (a young erythrocyte), it takes about 15 days. After being released into the blood, they travel and become mature within two days and begin to oxygenate the body parts. (p.144, 636, 796).

If someone is taking stem cell treatment, how do they receive the stem cells? Methods of administration include: Intravenous (IV), intramuscular, intrathecal, and perilymphatic. Stem Cell Institute Panama | Stem Cell Therapy (

Science and research have discovered where to find stem cells from adult bone marrow and from newborn cord blood, along with its benefits for health rejuvenation. Adult stem cell research has no controversial overtones. Fetal stem cells are not fully acceptable for some people due to their source being from either cord blood or aborted fetuses.

Are there other ways to get stem cells for our health benefits? Well, there are researchers and those who have found urine, in the early morning first discharge, to contain stem cells. They call this liquid gold. Thus, people have found a way to put these stem cells into their bodies, through enemas, wiping on the skin, injecting and drinking the first pee in the morning. There are people who claim their sickness was reversed after using such a therapy for about 3 weeks. Another person claimed he reversed his receding gums by swishing this urine in his mouth. Anecdotally, there was a story of a cliff climber who fell, was injured and drank this liquid gold daily until he was found. He survived to tell the story.

Since I am also a birth worker, I want parents to research the benefits of baby keeping its stem cells as long as possible, working their way into the baby’s system, by keeping the placenta connected to the baby as long as is possible. Some say that is cutting the cord when it stops pulsing. Others say, to keep the baby connected to its placenta until baby lets that placenta go. (around 3 -5 days). To keep the placenta connected to baby, the placenta is coated with herbs or salts that are changed and cleaned when necessary. This is called Lotus Birth.

If our children can begin life with all its stem cells, it seems they would have a greater chance of surviving the onslaught of our toxins and stresses of life. Then as the child grows and learns about the wonderful gifts that this body carries to help us survive, the children can be taught to strengthen their immune system by using urology tools along with the many other gifts of nature..

The world is filled with wonders. Steep yourself in the mysteries and gifts of nature and of our bodies, temples of spirit and wisdom. Explore. Take charge of your health tools. Be well.

Check out urine therapy books by Christy, Armstrong, Kroon, Lara, Blurani and more. A website that has lots of information is

For further birth information, contact In Touch and In Tune.

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