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  • Sharon Tenuta

The Birth of 'In Touch and In Tune'

When was In Touch and In Tune Born?

This business was incubating since I was young. During the impressionable years, I was introduced to questions such as: what is natural, what is normal? Who made us? Where did we come from? If we were created, would the creator put us in a place where we could not survive? These were common contemplative questions at an early age of 6 and 7. The discussed answers stuck with me.

I had experiences that lead me to research food, and not just food, but natural and healing food. I had experiences that caused sadness and dysfunction, per today’s standards, and I searched out ways to heal without drugs, and rather through healing experiences of alternative therapies and fermented and appropriate foods. I had experiences that clogged some of the digestive tract and instead of doing surgery, I chose to do cleanses. I had birth experiences that were less than I had dreamed, even by choosing a midwife, and so I pursued studying birth and related topics. I imagined the earth would not be populated if it had been a feared experience. Unfortunately, in my perception of the births of my sons, I had experienced fear during my first birth that I believe kept my son inside me, resulting in a cesarean section. I had labored in fear, with less than optimal nutrition and without confidence. My second son’s birth was somewhat healing, in that it was a VBAC, where I labored as imagined, got to feel my son’s hair as he was coming through the birth canal, but still did not know to hold him skin to skin and gaze into his eyes.

After teaching music for 32 years, I found the need to retire, but not ready to do what most retirees do. I still wanted to pursue something of value for society’s benefit and my fulfillment. So, prior to retiring, I began to pursue birth and its related topics. Currently I am a doula, Hypnobirth ® educator and body talk practitioner. All have helped me come to terms with my journey thus far in my life. When determining what to call my business, I could not totally give up on the music background I had enjoyed and promoted for so long in my life. So, by the inspiration of a friend, I currently call my business,’ In Touch and In Tune’.

Some of the modalities that I have learned have been inspired and often intuitive. When learning a bit about Chinese Medicine, I discovered that the intuitive part of the body is related to the head and to music. Vibrations, of the learning we cannot see, is fascinating and musically vibrational. So, I am still doing a part of music that I had not previously realized.

For the continued vibrational learning, and learning to be in touch with myself and with others, for journeying in the birth work and healing work, the business that was conceived and is experiencing growing pains as it develops, has the name ‘In Touch and In Tune’.

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